Side-by-Side Treadmill

Force Plate-Instrumented Treadmill

AMTI’s classic Side-by-Side split-belt force-sensing treadmill features two belts separated longitudinally by a 7 mm gap. Each belt is 12.5 inches wide and can be run at a speed that is independent of the other. This configuration is ideal for certain pathological gait studies and treatment protocols, such as in stroke rehabilitation.

Key Features:

  • Inclination up to 25% grade
  • Reversible belts for uphill and downhill testing
  • Two independent, 6-axis force platforms with 8800 N vertical capacity
  • Adjustable speed up to 20 km/hr
  • Ships fully-assembled with all software pre-loaded on an AMTI-supplied PC
  • Simple digital USB integration with all leading motion capture software

Collect multiple footfalls in a fraction of the time

AMTI’s treadmill makes continuous data collection over multiple strides easy and efficient. Perform fatigue studies or simply make your data collection more efficient and comprehensive, even in a small space.

Explore AMTI’s innovative front-to-back (tandem) split belt treadmill design.

Tandem Treadmill
Treadmill Installation Options
All of AMTI’s instrumented treadmills are offered as either an Above Ground or In-Floor model. See below for details.

Above Ground

  • Sits on top of the floor
  • Ships with stairs for easy access
  • Caster wheels to move in/out of capture volume
    (if need be)

In-Floor (Pit)

  • Installs within recessed concrete pit or raised access floor
  • Surface/belts flush with surrounding floor
  • Ships with mounting rails

Specifications & Details

Review detailed treadmill specifications below.