OPTIMATM – Biomechanics Measurement Series (BMS)
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The BMS400600 is AMTI’s most popular mountable force plate. As part of our Optima Biomechanics Measurement Series (BMS), this outstanding platform offers superior accuracy, high natural frequency, and flexibility across applications in the most affordable package.

As our most versatile product, the BMS400600 can be used for a wide range of activities, including gait, balance, and sports applications. The 40×60 cm size is ideal for accommodating average human stride lengths and can also be used in pairs for bilateral jump or balance assessments. For more dynamic movements, multiple plates can be combined to create instrumented floor systems.

For more flexibility with your installation, ask about AMTI’s Modular Rail System.

Standard or High Frequency

The BMS400600 is available in either a Standard Frequency or High Frequency model. High Frequency models can be beneficial for highly dynamic applications or scenarios with increased environmental vibrations.

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Built with advanced OPTIMA technology

AMTI’s Optima calibration technology is a revolutionary development in force measurement technology, offering a 10-fold improvement over any force platform system on the market.
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Upgrade to our High-Performance Series (HPS) - the most accurate plate available.

System Information
All of AMTI's Optima series force platform systems ship standard with the force plate, an Optima amplifier, a 30-foot force plate-to-amplifier cable, and the necessary mounting equipment.

Force Plate Cable

  • 30 ft. standard length
  • Connects amplifier to force plate
  • Data transfer and power supply

Mounting Kit

  • 1 pair of mounting rails
  • Epoxy and dispenser
  • Installation fixtures and instructions

Specifications & Details

Review detailed force plate specifications and model versions below.

Technical Drawings