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StrideWorks is an AMTI software solution designed for use with our Tandem Treadmill. StrideWorks was developed for acquiring segregated (left/right individual) 3D forces and moments during walking and running with the tandem (front-to-back) split-belt treadmill design.

Visit our Tandem Treadmill page for more information on the advantages of this design.

AMTI’s digital integration with all of the major motion capture providers allows for immediate feedback of the left/right segregated forces from the Tandem Treadmill directly within the 3rd party acquisition programs. See AMTI Partners for more information on compatible 3rd party systems.

Alternatively, StrideWorks can be used as a standalone application for acquiring, viewing and exporting segregated ground reaction forces generated by subjects during walking or running on AMTI treadmills.

StrideWorks Usage Modes:

StrideWorks makes it easy.

For use with AMTI's popular front-to-back split belt (tandem) treadmill design, StrideWorks will do the work for you to compute subjects' left and right individual ground reaction forces (GRFs) during both walking and running.
Tandem Treadmill

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