Force Plate Installation Services

Explore the additional services we offer to support and maintain our industry-leading force measurement and testing devices.


Force plates are sensitive test instruments. As such, it is strongly recommended that all strain gage platforms be mounted, when possible, in a manner that minimizes the effects of building or ground vibrations on the signal output.

Mounting is best accomplished by securing the force plate to a flat surface that is bonded to a solid structural foundation, such as a ground-level concrete slab. AMTI’s unique Modular Rail System uses precision-machined aluminum rails adhesively bonded to a concrete floor, with pre-drilled mounting holes to afford our customers more flexibility in their force plate configurations.

Recessed Pit Installation

Recessed (Concrete) Pit Installations are the most common method of mounting force platforms such that the working surface of the force plates is level with the surrounding floor. AMTI engineers have developed detailed drawings to outline the considerations for designing a recessed pit to accommodate a wide variety of force plate layouts, which include:

  • Dimensions of the pit (Length x Width x Depth)
  • Flatness/levelness of pit base and upper perimeter
  • Conduit for cables

Raised (Above Slab) Installation

A second popular installation method is a Raised Installation. This method is often used when a recessed pit is not possible, such as on a second-floor lab space. In this method, the force plate is mounted on top of the concrete floor and the surrounding floor, or a walkway, is built up to be flush with the force platforms.

Installation considerations include:

  • Flatness/levelness of concrete floor
  • Computer flooring or custom-built surround platform (sourced and installed by customer or vendor of choice)
  • Route for force plate cables

Installation by AMTI Technicians

AMTI is happy to provide a quote for having trained Installation Technicians perform the installation of your force plates. Please note that all concrete and site construction would need to be completed by a vendor of your choice and approved by AMTI prior to our arrival.

 AMTI Installation includes:

  • Laying out and levelling the mounting rail array
  • Adhering mounting rails to concrete with epoxy-resin
  • Securing force plates and/or filler plates to mounting rails
  • Running force plate cables
  • Setting up amplifiers

At AMTI, we understand that every laboratory has a unique set of requirements and challenges. For more than 40 years, we have been working directly with our clients to help create force plate installations that are specifically suited to their needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or your facility necessitates a unique installation for your force plates.

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