Custom Force Transducer Design

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Custom Force Sensors and Load Cell Design

At AMTI, we understand that certain applications may require a custom force transducer or load cell design (platform or sensor), whether for industrial, biomechanics or other applications. For this reason, our expert team of sales and design engineers are more than happy to work with you to design and manufacture a custom solution better suited to fit your unique needs and applications.

Have a unique application that requires a custom force transducer?

Our AMTI Team always strives to first gain a complete understanding of your experimental setup and loading scenarios. This way, we can provide a solution that will be sure to satisfy your needs while remaining within the force and moment capacities of the transducer. To do so, we start by asking you to complete our Transducer Application Questionnaire available on our Downloads Page.

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Let’s get started!

Reach out today get the conversation rolling and discuss your application in more detail with AMTI’s expert team of design engineers.

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