Force Sensor Calibration Services

Explore the additional services we offer to support and maintain our industry-leading force measurement and testing devices.


AMTI verifies the accuracy of each multi-axis force platform and load cell purchased through a precision calibration process that takes measurements throughout each transducer’s entire rated capacity. Each system is then shipped out with its own unique, factory-calibrated correction matrix to be applied during use.

This calibration and verification process ensures that each AMTI force platform and/or load cell offers the best possible quality, accuracy, and performance.

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After initial purchase, AMTI offers Recalibration Services on all multi-axis transducers and amplifiers. The ASTM F3109-16 ‘Standard Test Method for Verification of Multi-Axis Force Measuring Platforms’ recommends recalibrating multi-axis force platforms every 3-5 years.

Recalibration of a transducer or amplifier involves:

  • Shipping the item back to AMTI headquarters
  • Recalibration of the item by AMTI technicians
  • Generation of a new factory-calibrated correction matrix
  • Item and new calibration matrix shipped back out to customer

Interested in getting your force plate, load cell, or amplifier recalibrated?

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