AMTI Force-Sensing Tandem Treadmill

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AMTI's force-sensing treadmill uses an innovative tandem belt design that allows subjects to maintain a normal gait and eliminates many issues inherent to side-by-side, split-belt treadmills.

With an AMTI tandem treadmill, subjects can walk naturally with no need to maintain their positions medial-laterally or straddle the belt split that runs down the center of the treadmill. Heel strike occurs on the front belt and the foot naturally translates to the rear belt for toe off as the subject walks. With only a 1 mm clearance between the two belts, they function as one continuous belt while preventing the data problems that occur during the double support phase of walking.

A six-axis AMTI force plate is located under each belt to record the ground reaction forces (Fx, Fy, Fz) and moments (Mx, My, MZ) generated by the subject. The force plates are an integral part of the treadmill design and each force plate entirely supports its own treadmill/drive motor assembly. High performance digital motor controllers and included software provide users with an intuitive interface for control of treadmill inclination, belt travel direction and belt speed up to 20 km/h. The extensive capabilities of the Tandem Treadmill make it an ideal method for studying both walking and running under level, uphill and downhill conditions.

The treadmill may be mounted on top of the laboratory floor and used with a set of attached stairs (as pictured), or it may be mounted into a recessed pit.

Key features

Integrated Force Plate Specifications
Vertical Force Plate Capacity 8800 N
Horizontal Force Plate Capacity 4500 N
Linearity +/- 0.2 % full scale output
Hysteresis +/- 0.2 % full scale output
Treadmill Dimensions
Working Surface of Each Belt 74 (L) X 66 (W) cm
Total Working Surface 148 (L) X 66 (W) cm
Non-Inclined Height 28 cm
Overall Dimensions (Including Handrails) 203 (L) X 112 (W) X 125 (H) cm

Front Handrail Supports (Fixed)

Two posts, 91 cm high and 91 cm apart
Weight 400 kg
Power Requirements
208 VAC, 3-phase, WYE connected 20-Amp twist lock receptacle.

Footprint Drawing (click on image to enlarge)
Footprint Drawing