NetForce is AMTI’s data acquisition software designed to gather data from our multi-axis force plates and force sensors. NetForce is provided complimentary with all AMTI transducers. Acquired data may be saved at any time to a binary file (.BSF file compatible with AMTI’s BioAnalysis program) and/or may be exported to a text file, compatible with many third-party spreadsheet and analysis programs.

NetForce’s real-time display allows you to continuously monitor the outputs of your multi-axis force transducer(s). As a force or load is applied to the sensor or force platform, the change will be instantly displayed on the real-time display.

The displayed data may be captured using one of NetForce’s triggering mechanisms, which include activation by:

  • Channel level
  • Elapsed time
  • Key stroke
  • External input

Once a trigger event has been detected, the data acquisition process will begin to capture the event of interest. The trigger mechanism may be set up to acquire a specified amount of pre- and post-trigger data as a percentage of the total sample duration.

NetForce Software for Data Acquisition

Acquire, analyze, and plot data from your AMTI multi-axis transducers at a rate of up to 2000 Hz with NetForce, a simple interface for trial set-up and data acquisition.

For advanced balance, gait and/or power analysis, check out our BioAnalysis software.

BioAnalysis Software

Specifications & Details

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