AMTI partners and integrates with third party, camera-integrated software collection and analysis solutions for use with our multi-axis force platforms and instrumented treadmills. Explore our list of Partners below.

Technology Partners

We continuously work alongside and integrate with all major motion capture system providers in the Biomechanics field. With our partners, we are proud to provide our customers with top-of-the-line, integrated solutions for research, clinical, rehabilitation and high performance sports applications.

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AccuPower Solutions

AccuPower Solutions owns, develops, and sells easy-to-use software that captures, analyzes and saves 3D force plate data and integrates that data with 2D high speed video. AccuPower Software was originally developed for and continues to be packaged with AMTI force platform systems.


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Innovative and successful solutions for professional motion analysis. TEMPLO® motion analysis software is a first-class video analysis system oriented towards the latest standards in video technology and image processing. Represents a modular platform for the integration of various external measuring systems, such as AMTI force platforms.


E-Z 3D

From the makers of AccuPower Solutions. E-Z 3D is an innovative new module that integrates ground breaking 3D markerless analysis engine Theia3D within the clinican designed AccuPower 4.0 dashboard. EZ 3D makes it possible to perform protocol specific, high speed biomechanical analyses in a clinical setting.

e-z 3d

GASP Systems Ltd.

The GASP Lab Analysis Video Software offers all sports the opportunity to analyze their movement as never before. Originally designed for golf analysis and training, the GASP software pairs with dual 3D AMTI force plates for GRF and balance analysis.


KinaTrax, Inc.

KinaTrax, Inc. brings next generation markerless motion capture technology out of the academic arena and into the real world. Professional baseball offers the right mix of environment and opportunity to foster this incredible mission.

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Motion Analysis

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Innovative Sports Training, Inc.

Advanced interactive training systems for performance enhancement in sports, clinical rehabilitation and industrial training. The MotionMonitor is a turnkey 3D motion capture system with software for biomechanics research and rehabilitation. Designed to synchronously collect data in real-time from hardware including AMTI multi-axis force plates.



For over 30 years, Noraxon USA has been an industry leader in human movement metrics and biomechanics research solutions. myoFORCE™ unlocks the ability to integrate AMTI force plates into myoRESEARCH®, Noraxon’s multi-dimensional, all-in-one software and processing solution that guarantees simplification and improvement of workflow.

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Motive optical motion capture software and high-speed tracking cameras. Used by facilities worldwide in a variety of markets ranging from film and games to sports training and biomechanics. Motive software processes OptiTrack camera data to deliver global 3D positions, marker IDs, rotational data and hyper accurate skeletal tracking.

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Qualisys AB

Qualisys is a leading provider of precision motion capture and 3D positioning tracking systems with their Qualisys Track Manager (QTM) user-friendly mocap software. Qualisys offers a 30 years-long history of supplying a variety of industries with high-end camera systems and expertise.


SIMI Reality Motion Systems

Simi delivers high-end 3D markerless motion capture technology using leading computer vision and machine learning algorithms to detect and quantify human and non-human movements in any condition.

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Theia Markerless, Inc.

Markerless tracking for biomechanics from the makers of C-Motion, Inc. Every aspect of Theia3D, from the 2D features tracked, to the segment definitions and joint constraints, has been selected to ensure biomechanical accuracy and relevance of the results and to follow standard practice and conventions in the field.

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Award-winning motion capture systems, providing tailored solutions for any application: life sciences, media and entertainment, location-based virtual reality, and engineering. Nexus is a powerful, all-inclusive modeling and processing tool for movement analysis. Created specifically for the life sciences community, Nexus delivers precise, repeatable data and clinically validated model outputs.

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Video capture and motion analysis solutions.

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