The SF.1.75D is an underwater multi-axis transducer with a stainless steel body designed for applications involving submersion in fresh water. The sensor is oil-filled and pressure compensated with an IP rating of 68. It features 19-pin Glenair output connector. The SF1.75D transducer incorporates a unique design that essentially eliminates the effect of hydrostatic pressure on the output.

A bladder is installed inside the transducer so that the external surface of the bladder communicates with the inside of the transducer and the internal surface of the bladder communicates with the environment. The transducer internal passages (in communication with the external bladder surface) are filled with mineral oil. The internal passage of the bladder is exposed to the environment (water pressure) through a sealed passage in the transducer body.

The bladder expands and contracts with the increase and decrease in pressure, keeping zero pressure difference across the strain element. Thus, the design eliminates pressure-induced loads on the three forces and moments.

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