Optima-SC (OPT-SC) Amplifier

Signal Conditioner

The Optima amplifier (OPTIMA-SC) is an essential component of AMTI’s patented Optima force measurement systems. This signal conditioner works exclusively with Optima-HPS and Optima-BMS force plates and precision calibration files to provide levels of accuracy never before seen in force platform systems.

AMTI’s Optima amplifier provides both a digital (USB) output for direct connection to your PC, and a 6-channel analog output if a third-party data acquisition system is preferred. To facilitate setup, the amplifier automatically reads profile information stored onboard all AMTI Optima force platforms, including bridge resistance, transducer capacity, and serial number. All that is required by you is the upload of a corresponding precision calibration file (.bcf) unique to your force plate.

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Essential component of Optima force plate systems

AMTI’s Optima force plates and OPTIMA-SC amplifier make up a revolutionary force measurement system that offers a 10-fold improvement in accuracy over any other force platform system on the market.
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System Information
The OPTIMA-SC amplifier pairs with any of our mounted Optima force platforms. Each amplifier includes a USB 2.0 digital output cable and power supply. *Analog output cables available upon request.

Digital & Analog Outputs

  • USB 2.0 output cable included
  • 6-channel analog output to BNC or stripped wire available upon request

Power Supply

  • 15 VDC, 1.2 A
  • Requires access to standard 120-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz power

Synchronization Input

  • Facilitates synchronization with third-party systems
  • Supports both Genlock and external triggering

Specifications & Details

Review detailed amplifier specifications below.