Modular Rail System (MRS)

Each AMTI Optima mountable force platform is shipped with a pair of Aluminum mounting rails, as part of our Modular Rail System (MRS). This method of mounting is unique in that multiple sets of modular mounting rails can be installed end-to-end to create rail systems. The force platforms can then be moved in quarter-, half-, or full-plate increments along the length of a rail system, with the help of our filler plates.

Flexibility in configurations

  • Easily reconfigure your force plates to best suit the study at hand
  • Accommodate for varying stride lengths
  • Various applications

Filler plates

  • Quarter-, half-, and full-sized filler plates available for each size of force plate
  • Look and feel exactly like the force plates
  • No measurement capacity

Future lab growth

Can’t purchase all of the force plates that you need upfront? No problem.

Our Modular Rail System (MRS) and Filler Plates also allow for future lab growth. By purchasing and installing additional mounting rails and filler plates initially, you can easily swap out a filler plate for a force plate in the future as your need or budget opens up.

Create flexibility in your force plate configurations

AMTI’s extensible Modular Rail System (MRS) and Filler Plates allow for maximum flexibility in your experimental setup and the option for future lab growth.
Use with popular BMS400600 force plate

Need help installing your mounting rail system
and force plates?

Installation Services
System Information
Each AMTI mounted force plate system automatically includes one pair of 1" tall Aluminum modular mounting rails and the corresponding mounting kit (tools & epoxy). Purchase additional sets of mounting rails and filler plates to create flexible rail systems for re-configuring your force plates.

Aluminum Mounting Rails

  • One pair included with each force plate system
  • Purchase additional pairs to create rail systems

Filler Plates

  • Quarter-, half-, or full-sized filler plates available
  • Available for all force plate sizes

Install Tools & Epoxy

  • Epoxy-resin and dispenser
  • Colored tie & joint bars
  • Installation tools

Specifications & Details

Review detailed specifications below.