Special Purpose Series (SPS)

The SPS464508-GT force plate features a viewing aperture of a 464 x 508 mm platform area over a 24 mm thick glass top. This unique design allows activities on the top surface of the force plate to be viewed and recorded from the underside.

View & record activities from underneath

The unique design of AMTI glass top force platforms allows for activities performed on the top of the force plate to be viewed & recorded from underneath. Popular for analysis of footwear and shoe treads, this product is used among some of the top shoe manufacturers in the world.

Need a larger glass viewing aperture? Check out the SPS600900-GT.

System Information
All AMTI glass top mounted force platform systems ship standard with the force plate, a GEN-5 amplifier, a 30-foot force plate-to-amplifier cable, and the necessary mounting equipment.

Force Plate Cable

  • 30 ft. standard length
  • Connects amplifier to force plate
  • Data transfer and power supply

Mounting Kit

  • 1 pair of mounting rails
  • Epoxy and dispenser
  • Installation fixtures and instructions

Specifications & Details

Technical Drawings