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AMTI’s BioAnalysis software is a complete analysis suite ideal for gait, balance and power analysis. The BioAnalysis software can be integrated with AMTI’s NetForce data acquisition software to provide a seamless acquisition and analysis system for biomechanics laboratories. Use with any AMTI force platforms – from small sensors like the HE6x6 to large force plates like the BP6001200.

BioAnalysis provides a flexible plot layout scheme for viewing and printing gait and balance reports. Multiple plots can be arranged on a page and multiple data sources can be overlaid on each plot. Once you have arranged the page or report to your satisfaction, it can be saved as a template for subsequent reports.

BioAnalysis also provides a statistical analysis package which allows you to calculate a variety of statistics for a large array of calculated gait, balance and power parameters over a range of selected trials. The statistical results may be printed or exported to text files for further analysis in third-party spreadsheet or analysis software.

BioAnalysis provides three comprehensive analysis modules: Gait, Balance, and Power.

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BioAnalysis Analysis Modules:

Complete analysis suite for gait, balance and power

Available for use with any AMTI multi-axis force platforms, BioAnalysis can be integrated with our NetForce software to provide a complete statistical analysis solution for gait, balance, and power research applications.
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Specifications & Details

Details regarding available parameters for Gait, Balance, and Power analysis.