ADL Knee Simulator

6-Station Joint Simulator

AMTI’s ADL (Activities of Daily Living) 6-Station Knee Simulator is the most advanced, reliable and accurate method for evaluating the design and materials of knee implants. Its unique combination of capabilities and performance makes it the most relied upon simulator of its kind in the world.

Extensive Range of Motion

AMTI simulators are built to replicate the motions associated with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as running, deep knee bends, and even swinging a golf club. Up to twelve different physiological motions can be sequenced to define a particular lifestyle.

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Key Performance Features:

Advanced, reliable and accurate

Test the design & material of knee prostheses with up to 12 different physiological motions sequenced to replicate ADLs (Activities of Daily Living).

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VIVO Simulator
Purchase a 20hp HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) for powering the ADL Knee Simulator.
Chiller required (not included).

Hydraulic Power Unit (Required)

  • 20hp HPU required
  • Gravity return
  • 10′ supply & drain hose

(Not Included)

  • Required
  • Contact AMTI for consult and/or additional info

Specifications & Details

Review detailed Knee Simulator specifications below.

Technical Drawings