Simulator Software

VivoSim is AMTI’s software product for near-real-time simulation and visualization of biological or implant knee joints. VivoSim can operate in a stand-alone mode, providing rapid in-silico joint simulation capability. It also works with our VIVO Joint Simulator as a visualization aid for understanding the results of in-vitro joint simulation and exploring in detail the behavior of a multi-fiber ligament model.

Operating in VIVO™-linked mode alongside our VIVO Simulator, joint kinematic information is transmitted continuously from the VIVO’s control software, VivoControl, to VivoSim. Joint contact constraints are solved mechanically on the real joint in the VIVO™ simulator, while VivoSim expands the possibilities to visualize, investigate, record and, ultimately, understand the behavior of the tested joint.

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VivoSim Operating Modes:

Bringing new life to joint motion simulation

Utilize VivoSim as a stand-alone product or alongside AMTI’s VIVO Joint Simulator, the world’s first full-speed, full-load, six degree-of-freedom (DOF) environment in which to test joint prostheses as well as biological joint specimens.
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