AccuGait Walkway

The AccuGait Walkway turns an AccuGait-Optimized (ACG-O) portable force plate into a mobile gait lab. This six-piece walkway is constructed of a lightweight but durable aluminum-foam composite and features line-up pins and quick latches that make for an effortless set-up and take-down. *ACG-O force plate(s) not included and sold separately.

A standard, single ACG-O plate walkway is 2.9 m long; however, multiple-platform configurations are possible through the use of additional sections. Purchase additional ‘ACGWALK-SE’ sections for accommodating additional ACG-O force plates placed inline end-to-end, or ‘ACGWALK-SR-SL’ sections for a staggered configuration. Optional 20 cm spacer also available for accommodating varying stride lengths.

Walkway width is fixed at 1.2 m.

Can't embed force plates in your lab for gait analysis applications?

Combine AMTI's AccuGait Walkway and ACG-O portable force plates to achieve a flush transition between the force plates and surrounding floor, without the need for permanent installation.

Check out our accompanying AccuGait-Optimized
portable force plate.

System Information
A standard AccuGait Walkway permits 1 x ACG-O force platform and has overall dimensions 1.2 m (W) x 2.9 m (L). Optional and additional components are available for accommodating multiple ACG-O platforms, varying stride lengths, and staggered force plate layouts.

Standard Walkway Sections

  • 2 x Tapered end sections
    (60 x 120 cm ea.)
  • 2 x Flat surrounds
    (60 x 120 x 4.5 cm ea.)
  • 2 x ACG-O surrounds
    (35 x 50 cm ea.)

Optional Components

  • 20 cm spacer for between ACG-O plates
  • ACG-O surrounds for adding more force plates
  • Left/Right ACG-O surrounds for staggered layout

ACG-O (Sold Separately)

  • Versatile gait & balance platform
  • Easy plug & play USB interface
  • Additional ACG-O surrounds required for multiple plates

Specifications & Details