Publication date: April 3rd, 2024

National Biomechanics Day #NBD2024

Happy National Biomechanics Day!

AMTI is happy to be a sponsor of #NBD2024, a worldwide celebration of Biomechanics, the Breakthrough Science of the 21st Century!

Today is a day meant for increasing awareness and knowledge surrounding Biomechanics, the study of human movement broken down into: kinematics (the study of movements of the body) and kinetics (the study of forces acting on the body…that’s where we come in!).

Visit the official NBD site for more information about National Biomechanics Day, grants and scholarships available, sponsorship opportunities, and more.

Photo ft. some serious hops from an AMTI user at the National Academy of Applied Sciences in Krosno, Poland (PANS w Krośnie).
Force plate model shown: BMS600900