Publication date: March 17th, 2022 SOON: March 17, 2022

IX ACL Research Retreat 2022

AMTI was proud to be a sponsor of the IX ACL Research Retreat co-hosted by High Point University and University of North Carolina Greensboro this past weekend.

HPU Human Biomechanics & Physiology Lab
HPU Human Biomechanics & Physiology Lab

The meeting featured a fantastic group of researchers reviewing and consulting over new developments in ACL research. We also had the pleasure of getting tours of the incredible facilities at High Point University (HPU), including the state-of-the-art Human Biomechanics & Physiology Lab.

The lab features 6 AMTI embedded force plates in the running lane, 4 force plates for bilateral GRF measurement in the golf simulator, 2 more force plates in the turf…alongside many more state-of-the-start biomechanics systems.

Truly an incredible facility and a fantastic event!