Publication date: October 27th, 2021

MLB International Combine

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

MLB International Combine – Pitching Lab

AMTI was excited to have been asked to take part in the MLB International Combine over the weekend of Oct 24/25 down in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

We provided a force plate instrumented solution for capturing the 3D forces and moments generated by prospect pitchers. The combine’s Pitching Lab also featured Qualisys markered and Theia markerless motion capture camera solutions. Collections were run by Dr. Kristen Nicholson (Wake Forest Pitching Lab) and her team from the pitching labs at Wake Forest and University of Nebraska Omaha.

The AMTI Instrumented Mound solution featured one of our BMS600900 multi-axis force platforms under the pitching rubber, and two BMS6001200 force plates under the zone for the landing leg. We feature digital integration with all major motion capture systems, allowing for an effortless synchronization with the camera data from Qualisys and Theia Markerless.

The event featured collections for 40-50 pitchers over the course of the two days.

A fantastic team with a great setup!