AMTI’s EQ4602070WR is a large, water-resistant force platform ideal for equine or bovine applications and more. This 46×207 cm force plate features a high contact pressure capacity of 1400 psi and a water-resistant integral 7m transducer cable that connects to our GEN-5 Amplifier.

Equine, bovine, porcine or ovine

The EQ4602070WR is the go-to platform for researchers focusing on horse cattle, pig, or sheep applications. The high contact pressure capacity of 1400 psi is ideal for withstanding high impact forces from hooves.
Accompanying GEN-5 Amplifier
System Information
AMTI's EQ4602070 force platform system ships standard with the force plate (including integral 7m cable), a GEN-5 amplifier, and the necessary mounting equipment.

Force Plate + Integral Cable

  • 46 x 207 cm water-resistant force plate
  • Integral 7m transducer cable
  • 1400 PSI contact pressure

Mounting Kit

  • 1 pair of mounting rails
  • Epoxy and dispenser
  • Installation fixtures and instructions

Specifications & Details

Technical Drawings