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April 18th, 2011

Comparison of Patellofemoral wear predictions

Computational wear simulation of patellofemoral articular cartilage during in vitro testing

Lingmin Li a, Shantanu Patil b, Nick Steklovb, Won Baec, Michele Temple-Wongc, Darryl D. D’Limab, Robert L. Sahc, Benjamin J. Freglyan

As osthearthritis is affecting more citizens, there is a need to better understand the progression of such disease and one hot topic is to study the behavior of the articular cartilage surfaces. As it is not measurable in vivo, the authors of the present paper studied the sensitivity of two computational approaches to reproduce the wear depths and areas of the patellofemoral joint in an in-vitro test. Results showed that MR derived geometry may be sufficient for simulating articular wear in-Vivo and at a progressive simulation approach may be needed for the patella and tibia. The paper also highlighted a complicating factor for performing in vivo cartilage wear
simulations : the lack of a validated cartilage adaptation law.