Publication date: March 7th, 2023

AMTI and Ortheo3D


International Trade Show and World Congress

May 10-13 2022

Ortheo3D out of Poland offers 3D printed hybrid orthoses for children with motor disabilities.

Check out this brief 3-minute video wherein Małgorzata Serafin of Ortheo3D is joined by AMTI’s International Sales Manager, Robert Sonntag (Germany), as well as Magnus Sjölin of Qualisys (Sweden) to discuss the use of gait data in orthotics. In the video, Małgorzata reviews how and why Ortheo3D utilizes AMTI force plates and Qualisys motion capture to evaluate the effectiveness of their 3D printed hybrid orthoses solutions.

Ortheo3D YouTube Link

“We measure the gait parameters before the orthoses are used then just after during the fitting and a few weeks later to check how it affected the parameters of gait.”
– Małgorzata Serafin, Ortheo3D

“The cameras give you one part of the picture, which is the kinematics. In addition to that, you use ground reaction forces from force plates that are embedded in the ground for the kinetics. So, with the forces that we measure in the force plates together with the location of the markers, we’re able to measure and identify the forces in the joints, the energy that is consumed in the joints and with this energy consumption, how your patient is walking and how he is consuming his energy.”
– Robert Sonntag, AMTI