Publication date: March 8th, 2021

The Optima-MMS
(Medical Measurement System)

Optima-MMS: The only medical force plate on the EU market (Class 1m)

AMTI has proven to be the standard for multi-axis, biomechanical force platforms in clinical applications for over 45 years. As a company, we have focused our efforts to offer market-leading measurement quality that our customers can trust and use as a basis for making clinical decisions.

We’ve now taken the next step, with the development of our Optima-MMS (Medical Measurement System) force platforms. The Optima-MMS is a certified Class 1m Medical Device in the European (EU) market.

The Optima-MMS features market-leading accuracy and repeatability, sharing the spotlight with our Optima-HPS platforms as the most advanced, most accurate force platform systems available. Optima-MMS force plates can also be paired with AMTI’s Modular Mounting System, which allows force plates to be easily repositioned to accommodate various stride lengths and activities, for maximum flexibility.

Optima-MMS Models:
*Each system consists of an Optima-MMS force platform, OPT-SC amplifier, 9m platform-to-amplifier cable, one pair of modular mounting rails, resin kit, and AMTI NetForce Data Acquisition software.

MMS400600 (400×600 mm)
MMS400600HF (400×600 mm)
MMS464508 (464×508 mm)
MMS464508HF (464×508 mm)

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