Instrumented Starting Blocks

AMTI’s removable instrumented starting block solution features a modified commercial starting block secured down to two of our BMS600900 force plates in a side-by-side configuration. The starting block rail is cut lengthwise, with left and right components securely bolted down to the force plates to maintain the high measurement quality provided by the Optima force platforms.

The Gill Fusion F10 starting block model shown features 8″x10″ pedals adjustable to four angular positions: 30, 40, 50 and 60 degrees. Visit the Gill Athletics website for more details.

AMTI can adjust the design to accommodate various models of commercial starting blocks, if needed. Alternate solutions featuring front-to-back split force plates (as opposed to side-by-side force plates) are available. The side-by-side configuration permits the ability to position the left and right foot pedals anywhere along the length of the rail. However, front-to-back split force plates will limit the possible foot pedal locations of the starting blocks, in order to avoid dual foot contact on one plate.

Obtain GRFs from starting blocks while maintaining versatility of force plate applications

Attach modified commercial starting blocks to two embedded force plates for obtaining bilateral GRFs (Ground Reaction Forces) during push-off. Otherwise, remove the starting blocks and use the embedded force plates flush with the track as normal for walking, running, jumping, and more.
System Information
Implement AMTI's instrumented starting block solution using a pair of our Optima-BMS 60x90 cm force plates. Alternative force plate sizes, configurations, and starting blocks can be used, if need be. Consult your AMTI representative for options available.

Starting blocks and force plates sold separately.


  • 60×90 cm ea.
  • Minimum QTY: 2
  • Side-by-side configuration
    (End-to-end available)

Commercial Starting Blocks

  • Modified for attachment to force plates
  • Gill Fusion F10 shown
  • Consult AMTI for alternate models

Specifications & Details