Instrumented Pitching Mound

Force-Sensing Mound

AMTI’s force plate-instrumented pitching mound provides measurements of 3D forces and moments under each foot throughout an entire pitch. One BMS600900 and two BMS6001200 force plates are embedded within a custom fiberglass bullpen or mound provided by The Perfect Mound.

Consult with AMTI on solutions for batting and catching, as well.

A system like ours allows MLB and Division I teams to detect what can’t be seen with the naked eye. It reveals the forces that are the foundation of a pitch and a pitcher’s means of generating power. This information affords a whole new understanding of a pitcher’s technique, and provides a tool for tuning optimal performance or guiding athletes through rehabilitation.

Various fiberglass configurations (single bullpen, double bullpen, 18’ mound) are available depending on the optimal setup for your lab space.

Top-of-the-line solution for 3D force measurement in pitching

AMTI has worked with The Perfect Mound to provide a complete solution for measurement of 3D forces and moments throughout an entire pitch. Join teams across the MLB, Division I Baseball and more by incorporating a similar solution for your pitching lab.
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System Information
Each AMTI Instrumented Pitching Mound solution includes one 60x90 cm force plate under the rubber, and two force plates to make up a 120x120 cm landing zone for the lead leg. Fiberglass bullpen or 18' mound setups are available from The Perfect Mound. Please consult AMTI for options available.

The Perfect Mound Components

  • Fiberglass centerpiece with cutouts to fit 3 AMTI force plates
  • 18′ mound or single, double, triple bullpen setups available

Specifications & Details