Orthopedic Wear Testing

AMTI offers contract wear testing services in collaboration with Mary Beth Schmidt, Ph.D., of Schmidt Biomedical Consulting. Dr. Schmidt uses AMTI’s state-of-the-art testing machines at our in-house biotribology laboratory to provide high-quality results to clients in need of additional testing capacity.

Services offered include:

  • Screening evaluations to down select candidate materials early in the product development process using the AMTI's Ortho-POD, a multi-axis pin-on-disk machine.
  • Long-term wear tests of final components using AMTI hip and knee simulators, generating the data required for regulatory submissions. Hip and knee implants are most commonly tested on these simulators, but the machines may also be adapted for use with other types of implants, depending on the component design, loading and range of motion requirements.

All tests are carefully monitored and follow written protocols developed with and approved by the sponsoring company. Interim and final reports, including detailed data analyses, are generated in a timely manner. Data and testing conditions are kept strictly confidential unless the sponsoring company wishes to publish the test results. Wear debris can be collected and analyzed by agreement with an external contract laboratory. Light or scanning electron microscopy of tested specimens can also be arranged.

Dr. Schmidt has an extensive background in wear testing for orthopedic devices. She previously managed the wear testing program at Johnson and Johnson, developing a new patented radiation crosslinked UHMWPE for total hip and knee arthroplasty components. In addition, she completed fundamental work establishing the importance of radial clearance on wear for metal-metal hip components, which resulted in a patented, low-wear hip design. Since then, she has been conducting wear tests on a variety of metal-polymer, ceramic-polymer, metal-metal and coated components using the latest ISO and ASTM standardized test methods.

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