Cables and Connectivity

A standard strain gage-based system typically consists of a force transducer (force plate), amplifier, computer or data acquisition system, mounting hardware and interconnecting cables. A shielded cable is required to connect the transducer to the signal conditioner (amplifier). This cable uses twisted pair conductors for signal and bridge excitation to provide the highest possible noise immunity. The cable has a standard length of 30 feet. AMTI supplies a variety of connectors for this cable to accommodate specific configurations and routinely makes custom cables to meet customer requirements.


AMTI offers a variety of connectors to suit lab specifications. Based on the specific equipment and configuration you desire, you can leave it to the product specialists at AMTI to recommend the appropriate cable connector for your needs.

Cable End Transducer End Connector Type

Souriau Straight 26-Pin
A 26-pin circular connector, independat bridge wiring for all channels.

Souriau Right Angle 26-Pin
A right angle Souriau connector with the cable exiting out to the left side, independant bridge wiring for all channels. Used for space confinement considerations.
Glenair Waterproof
A high pressure, stainless steel, 19-pin, waterproof connector with common bridge excitation wired to all channels.
D.G. O'Brien Waterproof
A high pressure, stainless steel, 26-pin, waterproof connector, independant bridge wiring for all channels. Consult factory for availability.

High Density 26P D-Sub Connector
A high density, 26-pin, D-Subminiature connector, independant bridge wiring for all channels.

Platform Connector Options

For use in confined spaces where there isn't enough room for a typical connector. The Pigtail attaches to the force transducer, allowing the connector to be on the end of a flexible cable instead of attached to the transducr body. Standard pigtail length is 18 inches.
The cable plugs directly into the transducer.


Our 26-pin cable connector is available in straight or right angled to suit space requirements and special configurations. If your transducer application requires the equipment to be resistant to water, AMTI will identify the appropriate waterproof connector. Pigtail connectors are often used to accomodate configurations dealing with space confinements.

Beginning May 2012, the 26-pin circular type connector will be phased out and replaced with the high density 26-pin D-Sub connector. Cables will be available in a standard length of 30 feet (9 meters) but multiple cables may be connected together to achieve lengths of 60, 90, 120 feet or longer.

This change will not affect previously purchased equipment connectivity. Amplifier output connection options to computers or motion capture systems will remain unchanged.

If you are purchasing a new force transducer or amplifier, AMTI can adapt the necessary cable connectors so that the new equipment is compatible with your old equipment via the new high density 26P D-Sub connector. If you are purchasing both a new amplifier and force plate, both will have the new D-Sub connector.

Note: The MSA-6 (MiniAmp) will continue to be manufactured with the standard 26-pin circular type Souriau connector.

Amplifier Output Cable Options

Connects amplifier analog output to BNC connectors, analog cable output, 6.56 ft (2 meters). Used for input to systems with BNC connector inputs.
Connects amplifier analog output to stripped conductors, analog cable output, 6.56 ft (2 meters). Used for input to systems with screw terminal inputs.

Contact the AMTI sales team for more information regarding AMTI cable and connector options.

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