NRS: Neuro Research System

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AMTI and NeuroCom International have partnered together to create a computerized dynamic platform specifically tailored to the needs of the research community. The NRS's menu-driven operating system provides users with the ability to design research protocols featuring dynamic sensory and motor conditions that emulate real world challenges to balance, mobility and gait control. The integrated AMTI Dual Top force plate provides detailed measurements of the forces (X, Y, and Z components) required to accurately demonstrate the impact of those challenges on human performance.

NRS components include:

Research Software Package

User-programmable operating system provides flexibility in designing research protocols. Users can specify:

Performance Characteristics

Servomotors provide smooth, accurate movements of the AMTI Dual Top force plate. Users can define the control parameters for the servomotors, which can be activated individually or in pairs.

Force plate movements and data acquisition can be initiated either under operator control or by an external synch pulse. A sync-out pulse is also available to synchronize external devices.


±2.5" (6.35 cm) from center, for a maximum of 5" (12.7 cm) in the forward-backward direction
Maximum velocity: 15 cm/s

±10o from center, either toes-up or toes-down, for a maximum of 20o
Maximum velocity: 50o/s

AMTI Dual Top Force Plate Specifications (Per Side):

Fz Capacity, lb (N): 400 (1800)
Fx, Fy Capacity, lb (N): 40 (180)
Mz Capacity, in-lb (Nm): 300 (34)
Mx Capacity, in-lb (Nm): 1200 (135)
My Capacity, in-lb (Nm): 600 (68)
Sampling rate: 100 Hz

Physical Dimensions
(W x D x H) in cm
Assembled dimensions 53 x 61* x 94 135 x 155* x 239
Base 53 x 61 x 6 135 x 155 x 15
System cart 25 x 24 x 44-57** 64 x 61 x 112-145**
Dual force plate 18 x  18 46 x 46
Step height 6 15
Maximum patient height 80 203
Maximum patient weight 440 lb 200 kg
Minimum footprint required 96 x 75 244 x 191
Minimum ceiling height 95 242
Total system weight 650 lb 295 kg

*Depth extends to 64 in / 163 cm with surround in resting position.
**Minimum-maximum monitor extension height.

Electrical Characteristics
100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz 1200 Watt
ETL listed to UL60601-1
ETL listed to CAN/CSA No. 601.1
Compliant to CE standards