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Stair ambulation is an essential component of mobility in individuals, making its study critical to determining appropriate clinical intervention. AMTI's Force Plate Stairway isolates the forces and moments generated during each of four consecutive steps and transfers them to one of two attached force plates.

The stairway uses an innovative nesting design to alternate the platform to which each step is connected so that no two consecutive steps transfer to the same force plate. This isolates the forces and moments generated by during each step, capturing data from both the front and back foot on separate platforms simultaneously.

New or existing solid top force plates can easily be made to accept a stairway, which is attached to threaded inserts on the top surfaces of the platforms. The standard stairway design features 23.8" wide steps, each with a 7" rise and 10.4" run. AMTI can adjust the design to accommodate different force plate spacings and lateral offsets.

Stair extensions, railings, and an upper landing are usually needed for a complete installation.

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